Squash Floor Sanding

Squash Floor Sanding


The HUMMEL® belt sanding machine is the best-known floor sanding machine in the world. The combination of an aggressive sanding drum, three-stage drum pressure regulation and belt tensioning device with integrated automatically regulated belt guidance guarantees optimum sanding quality. The LAGLER Hummel® belt sanding machine is used for the initial sanding process. Starting with a coarse abrasive of P24, the floor will go through coarse sanding. After the coarse sanding, the sanding will progressively get finer.



The TRIO is the versatile and powerful floor sanding machine in floor finishing. The three disc sanding machine covers a comprehensive spectrum. After the coarse sanding is completed, the LAGLER TRIO floor sanding machine is used to further refine the flooring with P60 and P80 sandpaper disc. The integrated, sensor-monitored dust extractor and well though-out filter system guarantee almost dust-free work. This will provide the best finishing for the squash court.


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