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In Malaysia, we’ve seen a rise in popularity among Malaysians for the game of Tennis. For a long time, badminton has been the dominant racquet sport but tennis is no slouch either. Tennis is a dynamic sport that requires precision and fast reactions. If you want to play tennis, the best option for you is to find a proper tennis court to play on as it gives you the best experience. 


The court is easily recognizable with dimensions measuring 36.6m long, 18.3m wide. The service line is also drawn 6.4m from the net itself. We as tennis court contractors usually provide different types of materials for the playing surface. These materials include, from, artificial grass, or acrylic hard courts


Different types of surface material do offer varying playing characteristics. For instance with the artificial grass, you’ll get a playing speed of 2-3. Whereas for acrylic hardcourt, you’ll get a playing speed of 4 – 5. We can also offer materials that are ITF certified for venues that will host international / national tournaments. 


At ExcelSports, we are professional tennis court contractors in Malaysia. Talk to us today for professional consultation on your tennis court requirements, and we’ll get it sorted out for you in no time.