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Futsal and football are some of the most beloved sports enjoyed by players all around the world. This is especially true here in Malaysia where futsal is still a favourite sport to play. Being especially popular in urban areas, futsal allows players to enjoy the beautiful game in cities where playing space is limited.


This has created a steady demand for futsal courts to be built. One of the best things about futsal courts is that they can vary in sizes. For FIFA international standard measurements, the court is 42m long by 24m wide. However, recreational futsal court sizes in Malaysia may range from 27(W)-47m (L)and 17(W)-27m (L). Depending on your preferences, some may prefer smaller courts for a faster paced game, or a bigger one for better space and more tactical plays. 


Apart from the size, the material of the Futsal court is also equally important. To provide players with the best playing surface there are two materials used for futsal flooring in Malaysia. The are artificial turf and acrylic hardcourt. As futsal is a robust and fast-paced sport, the material used should be strong and resistant to abrasion while retaining a consistent ball-roll characteristic. Court operators also usually look for materials that are easy to maintain especially if the court is heavily used.


We here at ExcelSports are professional futsal court flooring contractors in Malaysia. We have been providing top grade sports surfaces in Malaysia for over 20 years. From consultation all the way to professional installation, we provide surfaces that can definitely bring your game to the next level.