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Basketball Court Flooring System

Basketball is  a popular sport here in Malaysia.. Being a popular sport, it comes as no surprise that the demand for local basketball courts is ever growing. 


As basketball is a fast paced game, the court should have a flat playing surface that is clear from any obstructions for the best playing experience and safety. A standard professional basketball court is 30 meters in length and 17meters wide. The dimensions are measured from the inner edge of the border line, which is 5cm wide and usually painted white for clear visibility. 


At ExcelSports, we are a basketball court contractor in Malaysia specialising in providing expert consultation and installation services. With more than 2 decades of experience under our belt, we know what makes a good basketball court. The modern game requires the best playing surface possible and we provide playing surfaces  that will bring your Game to the next level. 


Basketball courts are typically built either indoor or outdoors, with both having different requirements. Common materials used for basketball courts are acrylic hardcourt and hardwood flooring


For further information on getting your own basketball court, do get in touch with us today! As the top basketball court supplier in Malaysia, we make sure that you always stay on top of your game.