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Badminton Court Flooring

At ExcelSports, we are able to provide several types of materials for badminton courts. Common materials are wooden board, PU Seamless Flooring, and acrylic.


Basketball Court Flooring

Basketball courts are typically built either indoor or outdoors, with both having different requirements. Common materials are acrylic hardcourt and hardwood flooring. 

futsal court flooring contractor and supplier in Malaysia

Futsal Court Flooring

Futsal is a robust and fast-paced sport, flooring has to be strong and resistant to abrasion. Common materials used in Malaysia are artificial turf and acrylic hardcourt.

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Squash Court Flooring

At ExcelSports, our materials are WSF certified and have been used in SEA Games 2017 and SUKMA. Click here to know more about our squash court flooring installation.

tennis court flooring

Tennis Court Flooring

We as tennis court contractors usually provide different types of materials for the playing surface. These materials include, from, artificial grass, or acrylic hard courts. 

From futsal to basketball, we definitely have the right flooring surfacr for you. Other than premium grade materials used, we also have a team of experienced installers to ensure the perfect fit. So, get in touch with us today and let us provide you with the best flooring solution. 

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