Excelsports Synthi Grass Surfacing System

Excelsports Synthi Grass Surfacing System

Excelsports Surface Types

Excelsports Synthi Grass System

The ExcelSports Synthi Grass system meets both residential and commercial demands. Our product is a high quality, low maintenance and great all year round product. Synthetic grass will save you water, time and money which is beneficial to both your lifestyle and the environment.

GRASS surface ensure:

  • Consistently good game characteristics all year round
  • Maximum usability and cost-efficiency of the field with only minimum care and maintenanace requirements
  • Long life and proven quality
  • Excellent sliding behaviour, shock absorption and ball roll behaviour
  • Utilisation of environmentally friendly materials

Excelsports Synthi Grass System Suitable For:

Game Indoor Outdoor
Sepak Takraw
Multipurpose Court
Skate Area / Skate Ring*
Running Track