Excelsports Synthetic Track Surfacing System

Excelsports Synthetic Track Surfacing System

Excelsports SUPERTRACK System

Excelsports Synthetic Track

Our Excelsports Synthetic Track comes in 3 variants to meet the different needs of our clients. Our products are all IAAF certified and of the best quality.

Excelsports SUPERTRACK System is a prefabricated rubber surface made from EPDM as a base with natural rubber. The Base layer is made from natural rubber, recyclable rubber compounds, mineral fillers, stabilizing agents and color pigment to vulcanize resulting in a textured surface.

Supertrack provides excellent shock absorption, maximum elasticity, greater comfort and safety. Below is a view of the different layers of the Excelsports SUPERTRACK System.

Excelsports Prefab SW Track System

Excelsports SW Track is a high performace surface consisting of an elastic layer (PUR / Recycling rubber granule), pore sealing and cast coating spread with coloured EPDM granules, water impermeable, sandwich construction, extremely spike resistant, structured surface provides excellent conditions for training and competition.

Excelsports SW Track System

This is the system whereby a black rubber granulates base of 10 mm is paved with a paving machine by using a combination of one component polyurethane binder and 1-4 mm black rubber granules in the paving process. Upon curing of the black rubber base, a top layer of coloured polyurethane granules of size 1 – 3.5 mm is casted to form a homogenous 3-4 mm solid urethane topping for the track.

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