Excelsports Sports Equipment

Excelsports Sports Equipment

Badminton Equipment

Badminton Portable Post
Texture: ABS setting, iron column
Weight: 120kg for one set
Setting Size: 750x450x180mm
Entirety Height: 1550mm
Column Size: 48x48x2.75mm
Feature: Comes with rubber mobile wheel, Easy to operate, Great stability
Colour: Yellow, Red, Dark Green

Available Colours

Basketball Equipment

Ceiling Mounted Forward Folding Basketball Backstop System

The ceiling Mounted Backstop system is great for indoor multipurpose halls as it does not cause any obstruction and is simple to use.

Electric Driven Hydraulic Portable Basketball Post

The Electric Driven Hydraulic Basketball Post system is a fully automated hydraulic basketball post.

Hydraulic Portable Basketball Post

This Hydraulic Basketball Post system is manually operated basketball post.