PU Seamless Flooring System

PU Seamless Flooring System

Surface Types

PU Seamless Flooring System

Polyurethane is one of the most widely used materials in sports flooring. Modern sports and athletes require a robust and durable surface for optimum performance. Polyurethane sports flooring is not only durable, but they are also seamless from wall-to-wall. This means that they can retain an ideal playing surface, while also being easy to maintain. With that, the surface is able to sustain high performances over longer periods of time.


Our Polyurethane sports flooring system is composed of the application of 4 different polyurethane components on top of the roll pad infrastructure that is produced out of the rand polyurethane and the recycled granulometric rubber mix that ranges between 4-10 mm thick. This produces a cushioning effect that helps to reduce injuries on the joints and ligaments of players. Thus, making polyurethane sports flooring a popular choice for robust sports such as futsal, basketball, volleyball, badminton and more

PU Flooring System (6mm)


  • 1 mm of Tacky Kote
  • 4 mm of SBR Roll-on MAt
  • 1 mm of Sealer Kote
  • 2 mm of Seamless Solid PU Self-Levelling Layer
  • 1 mm in 2-layer Matte Top


Suitable for


  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Gym Room
  • Badminton Hall

PU Seamless Flooring System Suitable for:

Game Indoor Outdoor
Sepak Takraw
Multipurpose Court
Skate Area / Skate Ring*
Running Track

Advantages of PU Seamless Flooring System



  • PU is fire resistant and flooring has no dioxin hazard, no HCL, hazard and cigarette burnproof


  • Fluid-applied, seamless (monolithic)
  • No risk of cracking/moisture penetration
  • Flexible design


  • Easy to maintain
  • PU floor can be easily refurbished and does not require a complete overhaul
  • Renovation price is approx. 25% of the original purchase price