Hardwood Flooring System

Hardwood Flooring System

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring System

Elite level system incorporating newer design technology for consistent sports performance.

Options for thicker timbers available for longer life.

Designed for larger recreational centres and competition courts.

Wooden surfaces deliver a uniform level playing surface for athletes. Non-uniform flooring has been known to force athletes’s muscles to constantly adapt to sudden changes in playing surfaces, which increases energy consumption and fatigue.

HardWood Flooring System

Hardwood Flooring System provides a double plywood layer subfloor supported by resilient Excelpad which offers high shock absorption, and very good resistance to undesired effects of fatigue and static load pressure. Other than that,  wood also gives the court an elegant and aesthetic appearance. A combination of quality and aesthetics make hardwood and timber sports flooring a popular choice for many sports. 


At ExcelSports, we are definitely the experts when we talk about hardwood and timber sports flooring. Let us know your required specifications, and we’ll work out the ideal flooring solution for you.

We also offer a comprehensive solution for your squash court by providing you with the best for:

  • Front Wall Squash Plaster and Paint
  • Side Wall Squash Plaster and Paint
  • Adjustable Tin
  • Non Adjustable Tin
  • Glass Backwall